Lump Sum Financial Glossary

What is it? An amount of money, paid in one single amount - as opposed to receiving or paying the money in instalments.

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Financial Term Associated State is Means a State which is party to an international agreement with the Community, under the terms or on the basis of which it makes a financial contribution to all or part of the Sixth Framework Program. In exchange its institutions participate and get funding on similar conditions as organisations from Member States.

Financial Term Minimum Amount Due is A loan payment option that covers the minimum amount due monthly. With many adjustable rate loans, when you choose to pay the minimum amount due option, your payment may not always cover the total interest due. This unpaid portion is called deferred interest, which is added to your loan balance. Other loan payment options do not provide for deferred interest.

Financial Term FCF is New cost basis in FP6, replacing FF which essentially provides a fixed overhead of 20% to costs excluding subcontracts

Financial Term Index Funds is Mutual funds whose objective is to replicate the performance of an index. The most popular equity index is the S&P 500.

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