LTM Last Twelve Months. Financial Glossary

What is it? Definition Generally referred to in this manner when referencing a financial statistic, e.g., Business Value as a Multiple of Sales (using LTM results).

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Financial Term Effective Interest Rate is The cost of credit on a yearly basis expressed as a percentage. Includes up-front costs paid to obtain the loan, and is, therefore, usually a higher amount than the interest rate stipulated in the mortgage note. Useful in comparing loan programs with different rates and points.

Financial Term ESOP is Employee share ownership plan. A trust established by a company for the allocation of some of its shares to its employees over time, intended to motivate employees, and often providing tax benefits to the company. Also called stock option plan or stock purchase plan.

Financial Term Compounding is The process of determining the future value of a payment or a series of payments when applying the concept of compounding interest. This process is the opposite of discounting.

Financial Term Momentum stocks is A stock that is out performing the rest of the market measured by relative strength.