Assignment Financial Glossary

What is it? A transfer to another of any property, real or personal, or of any rights or estates in said property.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Down Payment is The difference between the purchase price and that portion of the purchase price being financed. Most lenders require the Down Payment to be paid from the buyers own funds. Gifts from related parties are sometimes acceptable, and must be disclosed to the lender.

Financial Term Bonus Issue is The issue of new shares to an existing shareholder, but at no extra cost. A means for the company to distribute historic retained profits to shareholders.

Financial Term Retention is The amount of risk retained by an insurance company and not reinsured.

Financial Term Simple moving averages is A simple moving average is used to spot a possible underlying trend in the stock price. Moving averages are calculated by adding values over a set number of periods and then dividing the sum by the total number of values. Simple moving averages smooth the data by removing noise over the selected period. The ability to smooth data makes this a useful tool in identifying price trends and trend reversals.

Financial Term Dissemination plan is A plan of how to carry out the above