Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance Financial Glossary

What is it? ...provides factoring services to more clients than anyone else in the UK.

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Financial Term Pension Plan is A plan established by a firm, labor union, government, or other organization to provide for the payment of benefits to the plan participants over a period of years after retirement.

Financial Term Spouse is Transaction on behalf of spouse

Financial Term Pensions Credit is To be introduced in October 2003, this replaces the Minimum Income guarantee. This will provide a minimum guaranteed level of income, but also rewards people with modest sums set aside for retirement and private pensions.

Financial Term Private Investor is An individual who purchases securities for him/herself, as opposed to an institutional investor. Also called individual, small or retail investor.

Financial Term Certification (of a proposal) is The process in FP5 by which the Coordinator may apply a digital signature to the proposal, before it is submitted to the Commission.