Assignee Financial Glossary

What is it? The person or business entity who is given, obtains, or buys the right to an asset.

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Financial Term Debt is A liability or obligation in the form of bonds, loans, mortgages or overdrafts owed to another person or persons and required to be paid by a specified date (maturity).

Financial Term Encumbrance Query is Allows you to view encumbrance information by account for a specified FOAPAL parameter.

Financial Term Earnest Money is A deposit paid up front as part of a purchase price, to demonstrate good faith on the part of the buyer.

Financial Term Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is The federal government agency that enforces federal securities laws.

Financial Term exchange traded is An expression used to refer to financial instruments that are purchased and sold in securities exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade. It excludes instruments that are actively traded in over-the-counter (OTC) capital markets.