Liquidation Value Financial Glossary

What is it? The amount that could be realized if an asset were sold independently of the going concern.

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Financial Term working capital conversion cycle is An accounting and financial phrase used to describe the dynamics of short-term cash flows that occur during the normal operations of a business. The working capital conversion cycle is the circular process of borrowing money first to purchase inventory, then to carry that inventory and finally to carry the resulting accounts receivable that are the proceeds of the inventory. When the receivables are paid, the firm can then use the proceeds to either repay the borrowing or to start the cycle all over again by purchasing new inventory.

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Financial Term debentures is Unsecured, long-term corporate bonds. Even though debenture holders are not protected by collateral, they still have a legal right to repayment. In the event of default, debenture holders are treated like other unsecured creditors. In addition, debenture holders may benefit from indenture restrictions.