Lien Financial Glossary

What is it? A secured claim upon a piece of property for the payment or satisfaction of a debt or obligation.

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Financial Term Memorandum of Understanding is A legal agreement suggested for signature by individual organisations while building a consortium to make a proposal.

Financial Term Mortgage life insurance is A term life insurance policy for the amount of the declining balance of a loan that is secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. This is not the same as mortgage insurance and should not be reported as such.

Financial Term Underlying mortgage is Refers to the first mortgage when there is a wraparound mortgage. See wraparound mortgage.

Financial Term Screening Questions is Questions that only you are likely to know the answers to. To verify your identity, we will ask one of these questions when you change account information online or when you call us to discuss confidential account business. You select the questions and answers during the enrollment process.

Financial Term Bullet Bond is A bond that is fully redeemed with a single payment. For example, a bullet bond usually pays coupons each six months, and upon maturity, the capital price of the bond in repaid in full.