LIBOR Financial Glossary

What is it? London InterBank Offered Rate. The lending rate among international banks in London.

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Financial Term Tactical Asset Allocation ( T A A ) is The intentional departure from a neutral portfolio position with the objective of adding value. TAA is a form of active management.

Financial Term working capital conversion cycle is An accounting and financial phrase used to describe the dynamics of short-term cash flows that occur during the normal operations of a business. The working capital conversion cycle is the circular process of borrowing money first to purchase inventory, then to carry that inventory and finally to carry the resulting accounts receivable that are the proceeds of the inventory. When the receivables are paid, the firm can then use the proceeds to either repay the borrowing or to start the cycle all over again by purchasing new inventory.

Financial Term Two stage procedure is This submission and evaluation procedure of FP6 includes a first step where a relatively short outline proposal will be submitted and evaluated, followed by a second step of submission and evaluation of a full proposal only for the outline proposals evaluated positively. The application of this procedure will be announced in the work programmes and in the calls for proposals (see also one-stage procedure).

Financial Term Index is A published, market-based figure used to establish a lending rate. Common indices include the one-year Treasury Constant Maturity Yield, the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) 11th District Cost of Funds, and the prime rate, as listed in The Wall Street Journal.

Financial Term Past service costs is The past service cost is the extra liability that arises when the council grants extra retirement benefits that did not exist before.