Asset Financial Glossary

What is it? Any item of economic value owned by an individual, especially that which could be converted to cash. Examples are cash, securities, accounts receivable, a house, a car, and other property.

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Financial Term Broker is An agent who brings two parties together, enabling them to enter into a contract to which he is not a principal.

Financial Term EURATOM is Is the abbreviation for the European Atomic Energy Community, one of the building blocks of the European Union. In relation to FP6, the obligations of the EurAtom treaty in the field of research are reflected in the specific program on nuclear research.

Financial Term Loantovalue ratio is A measure of how heavily mortgaged a property is and how likely the owner is to default on his or her debts.

Financial Term Risk is The possibility that a given investment will lose value. Types of investment risk include currency risk, inflation risk, capital risk, market risk and interest-rate risk. Risk is a trade-off for investors. In order to increase the potential for reward, one usually has to assume a greater amount of risk.

Financial Term Cheap is An asset is said to be cheap when it is worth (intrinsic value) more than its market value.