Investment Returns And Financing Financial Glossary

What is it? Investment returns and financing = Net interest + investment receipts + ordinary dividends paid + preferences + minorities

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Financial Term ETP is See European Technology Platform

Financial Term Guaranty is Agreement to pay the debt or perform the obligation of another in the event the debt is not paid or obligation is not performed.

Financial Term Liquidity Risk Premium (LP) is The additional return required by investors in securities that cannot be converted into cash at a reasonably predictable price or time.

Financial Term Cosigner is A person who guarantees a loan for another.

Financial Term PEPs is Personal Equity Plans. These offered the private investor the most tax efficient way of investing in stock market related plans, but ended on 5 April 1999 to be replaced by ISAs. Any balance held in these plans still attracts the same tax benefits, being free of any income tax or capital gains tax liability.