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What is it? An asset or item of value that is purchased to generate a profit at some future point.

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Financial Term Buildings and contents insurance is A combined insurance policy which covers both the cost of rebuilding or repairing the structure of the property and also includes cover for damage/loss to the property contents.

Financial Term Password is A personal code used to gain access to a secure area of a Web site. Passwords typically use a combination of letters and numbers and are often case-sensitive (see Log In).

Financial Term PER is See P/E

Financial Term Public Record is A record filed with the courts such as judgments or child support. Unpaid tax liens are also public records. All report to your credit reports for a minimum of 7 years.

Financial Term Maxi ISA is A tax-free savings account in which you can invest up to 7,000 each year tax-free. You can invest either the full amount in stocks and shares or up to 3,000 in cash savings and up to 1,000 in life insurance investments.