Assessed Value Financial Glossary

What is it? The value of a property as determined for taxation by a public tax assessor.

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Financial Term Secured Debt is A debt on which collateral has been pledged by the borrower. The creditor can institute a foreclosure or repossession, or take the property identified by the lien, called the collateral, to satisfy the debt if you default. Compare to unsecured debt.

Financial Term Building Society is A financial institution owned by its members (rather than by shareholders) which pays interest on deposits and lends money on the security of property to enable members to buy their own homes.

Financial Term Grace Period is A period of time when no interest or fees accrue.

Financial Term Eurodollar deposits is Bank deposits denominated in U.S. dollars but held at locations outside of the U.S. Initially, the term only referred to dollar deposits in London; later it became applicable to dollar deposits anywhere in Europe or the Caribbean; now it often refers to dollar deposits at any offshore location. The deposits may be held by the foreign branches of U.S. banks or by non-U.S. banks. Eurodollar deposits may be Eurodollar certificates of deposit or simply Eurodollar time deposits.

Financial Term NOL Net Operating Loss is Definition Equals negative earnings before taxes on the income statement. The NOL is carried forward to a year or years where this historical loss can be offset against current year earnings. Doing so reduces the current year tax liability and provides a positive impact to cash flow and value.