Assessed Value Financial Glossary

What is it? A public tax assessors appraisal of the value of an asset to calculate tax.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term original face or original face value is The total principal amount of all of the loans in an MBS pool as of the issue date.

Financial Term Capital Gains is The proceeds obtained on the sale of assets.

Financial Term Employment Allowance is An allowance to meet expenses related to employment when both parents (or a married independent student and spouse) are employed or when one parent (or independent student) qualifies as a surviving spouse or as head of a household. Used in need analysis formula for parents and student, if eligible.

Financial Term Dividend is The payment by the company to its shareholders of a proportion of the profits earned during the financial period. Usually paid as an interim dividend at mid year and a final dividend at the end of the financial year once the final business accounts are prepared and the results known.

Financial Term Principal is The amount of money raised by a mortgage or other loan, as distinct from the interest paid for its use. The amount of debt excluding interest.