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What is it? An estimation of the returns you might get from an investment, based on specified growth rates and taking into account any extra charges or fees which you might have to pay.

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Financial Term Second mortgage is Similar to a mortgage. See second mortgage under mortgage.

Financial Term Flood Insurance is Insurance that compensates for physical property damage resulting from flooding. It is required for properties located in federally designated flood areas.

Financial Term Servicing is The collection of payments of interest and principal, and trust fund items such as fire insurance, taxes, etc., on a note by the borrower in accordance with the terms of the note. Servicing by the lender also consists of operational procedures covering accounting, bookkeeping, insurance, tax records, loan payment follow-up, delinquent loan follow-up and loan analysis.

Financial Term Primary country Listing is The country in which a company has its main stock exchange listing

Financial Term Written Premiums is The total premiums on all policies written by an insurer during a specified period of time.