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What is it? An estimation of the returns you might get from an investment, based on specified growth rates and taking into account any extra charges or fees which you might have to pay.

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Financial Term Second mortgage is Similar to a mortgage. See second mortgage under mortgage.

Financial Term Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) is One of the two separate FDIC deposit insurance funds generally covering insured deposits in banks and certain savings institutions (see FDIC).

Financial Term days receivables is The level of accounts receivable expressed as its equivalent in days of a portion of net sales for the year. Calculated by multiplying accounts receivable by 365 and then dividing that product by net sales.

Financial Term Callable Bond is A bullet bond with an embedded call option, which gives the issuer the option to buy-back the bond before it matures, to reduce borrowing costs if yields fall. If yields fall, the bond price rises, the borrower buys back, and refinances at a lower rate.

Financial Term OPOS is Overweight positive