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What is it? A highlighted word or picture within a Web page that, when selected, takes you to another place within that page or to another page altogether.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Footnote T is To be used if the fund began reporting prices to Nasdaq during the current year.

Financial Term Concertation is Euro English i.e. French - the process by which representatives of various projects in a similar technical area meet together to discuss results and common problems.

Financial Term offtherun is A term used to describe all but the most recently issued treasury or agency securities in a particular maturity class. For example, at any given time, there may be a number of U.S. Treasury security issues with remaining lives of about two years. The most recently issued two year securities are described as on-the-run. All the rest are described as off-the-run. Off the run securities trade at wider spreads than similar securities that are actively quoted or traded. They may also trade at slightly lower prices(higher yields).

Financial Term withdrawals is 1) Any reduction in funds maintained in a deposit account or mutual fund.2) Funds of a proprietorship or a partnership that are directly removed from the firm by the proprietor or partners. These are distributions distinct from salary, commission, bonus, or rent payments paid to proprietors or partners.

Financial Term Mortgagor is The party who borrows the money and gives the mortgage.