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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term window is The period of time between the expected first principal payment and the last anticipated principal payment for a specific REMIC tranche.

Financial Term Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) is A monthly payment, usually part of the mortgage payment paid by a borrower for mortgage insurance.

Financial Term Vesting Period is The period of time before shares are owned unconditionally by an employee in an employee stock option plan. If his/her employment terminates before this period ends, the company can buy back the shares at their original price.

Financial Term phase I audit is The most common form of environmental liability risk assessment. A phase I audit consists of a thorough review of the past and present ownership of the property as well as the past and present uses of the property. These reviews include examinations of public records regarding the property. Additional information is obtained from both a physical inspection of the property and from interviews with people who are familiar with the property. The goal of a phase I audit is to determine the presence or the likely presence of hazardous substances in the buildings, soil or ground water. Phase I audits are noninvasive and do not include the collection or analysis of samples. Accordingly, the findings of a phase I audit cannot be conclusive. The audit merely determines whether further investigations are needed.

Financial Term Asset Allocation is A financial strategy that spreads an investors assets across a number of different investment categories, such as domestic and foreign stocks, bonds and cash. Diversification has the potential to reduce overall investment risk.