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What is it? Hire purchase - a type of credit whereby you hire the item you are buying for a fixed period, during which time you pay for the item in monthly instalments, plus interest.

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Financial Term Base rate is Interest rate set by the Bank of England, used to determine borrowing and savings rates across the UK.

Financial Term whole life insurance is A form of life insurance that applies part of the premium payments to build an investment or savings value for the policy owner. The investment or savings value is called the cash surrender value of the policy.

Financial Term Liquidation is The selling off of assets in order to satisfy creditors.

Financial Term dilution rate is Dilution as a percentage of gross sales.

Financial Term Stock or Share Split is A division of shares in a company to increase the total number of shares in issue. The value of each share is reduced by the multiple of the split. For example, if a share with a market price of R100 splits two-for-one, the price of the share drops to R50. Investors are given twice as many shares so that the value of the original investment of each shareholder doesnt change