HHS Financial Glossary

What is it? See Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of.

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Annuity is Regular periodic payments made by an insurance company for a specified period of time.

Financial Term direct verification is The audit procedure of mailing the account debtor a note requesting the account debtor to confirm the balance owed.

Financial Term Financial PR is A public relations agency that deals the with the listed companies relations with the investor community.

Financial Term Remainderman is In the case of a trust, this term refers to the individual who will receive the principal of a trust when final distribution takes place.

Financial Term Debit Card is A plastic card with either the Master Card or VISA logo, designed to give a customer access to funds in his/her checking account to obtain cash or purchase goods and services. The cards are accepted around the world wherever you see the Master Card or VISA logo. Pacific Trust Bank issues a Master Card debit card.