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What is it? Hold / sell

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Amortization is The gradual reduction of debt by periodic payments (for a specified period of time), that are large enough to cover interest and principal.

Financial Term Prime Rate is A short-term interest rate quoted by a commercial bank as an indication of the rate being charged on loans to its best commercial customers. Even though banks frequently charge more and sometimes less than the quoted prime rate, it is a benchmark against which other rates are measured.

Financial Term Deed is The legal document that conveys ownership of a property.

Financial Term Community Property is Refers to assets or a method of ownership. Generally, it means that each spouse owns a 50 percent interest in an account. Upon the death of one spouse, the survivor claims his or her ownership of one-half of the asset. The other half will pass in accordance to a will or to law. Each state has different laws and interpretations.

Financial Term Successor Trustee is The person, or people, you designate to manage your trust if something happens to you.