Appraisal Financial Glossary

What is it? A written report by a qualified appraiser estimating the value of property.

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Financial Term delivery float is The time between when a check is ready for disbursement and when the vendor or employee actually receives it. For vendors, this may be considered the same as mail float.

Financial Term Capital spending is Spending on assets that have a lasting value, for example, land, buildings and large items of equipment such as vehicles.

Financial Term SME Exploratory Award is Given to an SME to support the exploratory phase of a project (for up to 12 months). Supported by the Program of Innovation and Special Measures for SMEs. Does not exist in FP6.

Financial Term General Insurance Standards Council is Monitor and enforce standards on sales and provision of advice on general insurance.

Financial Term Inflation is The rate of rise in the price level of goods and services. For example, if $1.10 will buy you what $1.00 did a year earlier, inflation has equaled 10%.