Footnote D Financial Glossary

What is it? To be used on any day that a mutual funds net asset value is reduced by a capital gains distribution.

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Financial Term Trust fund is Money that does not belong to us but is managed by us for the owners of the money.

Financial Term Credit is An obligation, or promise to pay later for money borrowed or purchases made today.

Financial Term Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is The yearly cost of a loan or credit, including interest and fees, expressed as a percentage rate.

Financial Term Lease Purchase is Full payout, net leases structured with a term equal to the equipments estimated useful life. Because many Lease Purchases include a bargain purchase option for the lessee to purchase the equipment for one dollar at the expiration of the lease, these leases are often referred to as dollar buyout or buck-out leases. Lease Purchases are generally considered to be Capital Leases from an accounting perspective and non-tax leases from a tax perspective due to their bargain purchase option and length of lease term.

Financial Term Consumer Credit Act is UK legislation which sets the rules for the way in which banks and other lenders lend money to members of the public.