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What is it? Capital gains figure includes return of capital.

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Financial Term Loan is Money borrowed that is usually repaid with interest.

Financial Term Council Tax surpluses/losses is The District Councils tax bases are calculated using estimated collection rates. Actual collection rates in a given year may give rise to a surplus/deficit to be taken into account when setting tax levels for the following year. Amounts in respect of Council Tax are shared between the District Council concerned, the County Council and the Police Authority pro-rata to the share of the aggregate of the precepts and demands on the collection fund. These surpluses and losses are applied to reduce or increase the spending of the authority.

Financial Term New instruments is The specific aim of FP6, not just to fund good research, but also to have a structuring and coordinating effect on the European research landscape, requires the application of new types of projects (new mechanisms for indirect Community intervention) bringing together a critical mass of resources and leading to lasting integration of research capacities. The three new instruments are Integrated Projects, Networks of Excellence and Programmes implemented jointly by several Member States (Article 169)

Financial Term Assets is Cash on hand in checking and savings accounts; trusts, stocks, bonds, other securities; real estate (excluding home), income-producing property, business equipment, and business inventory. Considered in determining Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Financial Term Public body is A public sector body or a legal entity governed by private law with a public-service mission providing adequate financial guarantees