3L Financial Glossary

What is it? Neutral / Low risk

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Forecast elements excluded from the consensus is The appearance of any suffix against a given forecast denotes exclusion from the consensus. The following suffix codes explain why the forecast is excluded B - Warning, i.e. the companys recent announcement of a profit warning has overtaken the forecast, and a revised forecast is awaited. S - Structural change in the company, such as a merger or de-consolidation, renders the forecast obsolete. A - Age - the forecast is old and is overtaken by events, for example it is out of line with a subsequent interim announcement. R - Results actually achieved have overtaken the forecast. This most often appears when preliminary results are announced after the date of the forecast, and the actual result for the period is materially different from what is expected. When this difference is more than 5%, the forecast is excluded from the consensus. If the EPS forecast is within 5% of the actual result, but the dividend forecast is not, then the dividend forecast alone is excluded. D - Different basis. B- Broker is disqualified temporarily from issuing a new forecast by reason of currently acting for the company in a transaction, e.g. a rights issue, or an acquisition.

Financial Term Discount is The extent to which the price of an asset is lower than its face value.

Financial Term MRP (Maturity Risk Premium) is Risk associated with interest rate uncertainty. The longer the time to maturity, the higher the premium.

Financial Term Gross spending is The overall cost of providing our services before allowing for government grants or other income.

Financial Term Swaption is An option on a Swap contract