Financings And Investments Financial Glossary

What is it? Each transaction involving a private equity fund or funds in a given portfolio company represents one round of financing. Each financing is made up of one or more investments, depending on the presence of co-investors. Financings are also known as deals.

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Financial Term Prospectus is The document, issued at the time of the initial issue of shares to the public, which explains all aspects of a companys business, including financial results, growth strategy, and risk factors.

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Financial Term Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act is A Federal statute that gives electronic signatures the same validity as handwritten signatures on paper documents. Actually, it is more accurate to say that under this law online contracts may have the same legal status as paper contracts. The e-sign law does not make electronic contracts enforceable it merely provides that courts cannot deem an electronic contract to be unenforceable solely because they are in electronic form. Enacted in 2000. Better known as the e-sign law.