Fannie Mae Financial Glossary

What is it? (see Federal National Mortgage Association)

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Financial Term HP is Hire purchase - a type of credit whereby you hire the item you are buying for a fixed period, during which time you pay for the item in monthly instalments, plus interest.

Financial Term Preferred Stock is Stock that takes priority over common stock in regard to dividend and liquidation. The dividend is usually fixed at time of issue.

Financial Term ADD is Accidental Death and Dismemberment - loss of life or limbs through accident.

Financial Term Government grants deferred account is The amount of money given to us by government to spend on assets that have a lasting value, for example, land and buildings. This amount is reduced each year as the value of the asset reduces due to wear and tear.

Financial Term S&P 500 is Standard and Poors stock price index comprising the 500 largest companies in the US