Expansion Financing Financial Glossary

What is it? Capital provided to a company to facilitate its growth and development objectives.

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Financial Term Teaser Rate is The low rate charged by a lender for an initial period to encourage borrowers to accept the credit terms. After the introductory period is over, the rate charged increases to the indexed rate or the stated interest rate. Often called a teaser rate or intro rate.

Financial Term Debit is A dollar amount that appears on the left-hand side of an account ledger. Use debit to record an increase in an asset or a decrease in a liability or in owners equity.

Financial Term BIF is (see Bank Insurance Fund)

Financial Term Market Risk is Uncertainty from factors influencing a large number of stocks, such as inflation, interest rates, oil-shocks, etc.

Financial Term Underwriter is A technician trained in evaluating risks and determining rates and coverage for them.