Equity Release Financial Glossary

What is it? A type of remortgage where you already own your home outright, and use the value of your home as security to borrow money.

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Financial Term Deed is A legal document that transfers some interest in real estate or other property (see Lien, Satisfaction of Mortgage).

Financial Term Public Company is A company listed on the stock exchange and whose shares are available for public investment.

Financial Term SPB is Speculative buy

Financial Term Wraparound mortgage is A loan arrangement in which an existing loan is retained and an additional loan is combined with the existing loan. The new lender accepts the obligation to make payments on the old loan. The existing loan generally carries an interest rate below the rate on new loans. Sellers are the most common wraparound lenders. (Technically, a wraparound is a second or junior mortgage, but for this survey, it is treated as a first mortgage.)

Financial Term Bridge Financing is Capitalprovided on a short-term basis to a company prior to its going public or its next major private equity transaction.