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What is it? See Earnings Per Share

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Financial Term Adjustable Rate Mortgage is Mortgage in which the rate of interest is adjusted based on a standard rate index. Most Adjustable Rate Mortgages have caps on how much the interest rate may increase.

Financial Term Secondary mortgage market is The buying and selling of first mortgages or trust deeds by banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and other mortgagees. This enables lenders to keep an adequate supply of money for new loans. The mortgages may be sold at full value (par) or above, but are usually sold at a discount. The secondary mortgage market should not be confused with second mortgages.

Financial Term Link is A highlighted word or graphic image within a Web page that, when selected, transports the user to another place within the page or to another page altogether. (See Hyperlink)

Financial Term Cost of Attendance (COA) is Generally, this includes the tuition and fees normally assessed a student, together with the institutions estimate of the cost of room and board, transportation and commuting costs, books and supplies, and miscellaneous personal expenses. In addition, student loan fees, dependent care, reasonable costs for a study abroad or cooperative education program, and/or costs related to a disability may be included, when appropriate. Also referred to as cost of education or budget.

Financial Term Capital Structure is Mix of different securities issued by a company.