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What is it? Equal weight negative

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Blue Chip is The largest UK-registered companies traded on the Stock Exchange. The constituents of the FTSE 100 Index of largest UK-registered companies. The most highly valued and reputable UK-registered companies on the Stock Exchange.

Financial Term Front Running is refers to situations when a manager who has private information about the direction of movement of an asset takes a private position in the asset before purchasing it for the fund.

Financial Term Option is The choice to take a specific action in the future. The action considered in finance are the purchase (call option) or sale (put option) of an asset.

Financial Term Cooperative Apartment is Also called a stock cooperative or a co-op. A structure of two or more units in which the right to occupy a unit is obtained by the purchase of stock in the corporation which owns the building. Difficult to obtain financing because there is not individual ownership of each unit. A forerunner of the condominium.

Financial Term VAT is Value added tax - an indirect tax payable on top of the cost of most things you buy