ELOC Financial Glossary

What is it? (See Equity Line of Credit)

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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Pension is A periodic or lump sum payment to a person following retirement from employment or to serving dependants of a deceased former employee.

Financial Term Certificate of Deposit (CD) is A type of deposit account with a minimum initial deposit and fixed term (months until maturity).The current rate will dictate how interest is earned for the term. Usually, interest payments may be added back to the CD or payable by check or deposited to another checking or savings account at the depositors institution. Most CDs automatically renew at the end of a term at the current rate at the time of renewal.

Financial Term Interestonly mortgage is You pay only the interest on your mortgage, but also put money into an investment scheme to pay off the whole mortgage at the end of its term.

Financial Term Insured is A person or organisation covered by an insurance policy.

Financial Term Foreclosure is A procedure to repossess a persons home if payment is not made. The property is sold to satisfy the debt.