EInclusion Financial Glossary

What is it? ICT assistance for disabled and elderly communities

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Financial Term pro formas or pro forma statements is Financial information, often just balance sheets, prepared by adjusting a recent financial report to show the effect of recent or planned changes. Projected financial statements.

Financial Term ISTAG is Information Society Technologies Advisory Group

Financial Term Credit Insurance is An insurance policy that pays off debts should the borrower lose their job, die, or become disabled.

Financial Term Cost of funds is The interest rate you will be charged on the money lent to you (usually expressed in amount over bank base rate).

Financial Term CAPX Capital Expenditures is Definition Annual purchases of long term assets such as computers, machinery, vehicles, tools, leasehold improvements, etc. The useful life of these assets is greater than one year. Companies may finance the purchase of CAPX with debt, equity, or surplus cash from the business.