Educational Expenses Financial Glossary

What is it? See Budget and Cost of Attendance.

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Financial Term Endowment policy is A type of long-term investment plan (usually investing in the stock market), which also includes life insurance cover so that if you die during the plan, your successors get a guaranteed payout. Often used to repay mortgages at the end of their term. The final payout is usually not guaranteed

Financial Term Grace Period is The period, usually 20 to 25 days, during which finance charges can be avoided if a balance is paid in full.

Financial Term Departmental Scholarship is An award of gift assistance that is specifically designated for a recipient in a particular academic department within the institution.

Financial Term Grant Ledger is Records inception-to-date revenue, expense and transfer transactions on a grant year basis. Separate from the operating ledger, but has a nearly identical structure.

Financial Term Broker is A person or firm that charges a fee or commission to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of securities or property.