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Other Similar Finance Terms:

Financial Term Current service cost is The current service cost is the increase in the value of the pension schemes future pension liabilities arising from the employees on-going membership of the pension scheme.

Financial Term Agency is Where one authority (the main authority) pays another authority (the agent) to do work for them.

Financial Term Gross spending is The overall cost of providing our services before allowing for government grants or other income.

Financial Term planned amortization class (PAC) tranche is A REMIC security created to receive selected cash flows from a pool of underlying mortgages securing the REMIC. PAC tranches use a structure similar to a sinking fund to establish a fixed principal payment schedule. Created together with a companion or support tranche. PAC tranches are intended to have low call and low extension risk. Sometimes called controlled amortization bonds.

Financial Term Surrender Value is The amount of money a policyholder would receive after canceling a life insurance policy.