Dime Financial Glossary

What is it? An informal name for 10 basis points.

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Financial Term Market Timing is Ability to determine the time occurrence of peaks and troughs of stock markets.

Financial Term Discount (1) is The amount by which a bond or preferred stock may sell below its par value. (2) The notion that market prices takes into account@ or include all publicly available relevant information.

Financial Term positive convexity is A particular type of instability in the duration of an instrument. Positive convexity means that as yields rise, duration declines. Graphically, this is seen as a price/yield curve for which the price at very low and very high yields exceeds the price indicated by a straight, tangent line. For an instrument with positive convexity, duration overstates the interest rate sensitivity. If convexity is low, that is, if the price/yield relationship is close to a straight line, duration is stable. If convexity is high, duration is unstable. The greater an instruments convexity, the less accurate duration will be.

Financial Term Introductory Rate is A temporary, lower APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on credit that usually lasts for a few months before converting to the normal fixed or variable rate.

Financial Term Conventional loan is A mortgage loan other than a VA loan or an FHA loan.