Derivatives Financial Glossary

What is it? Financial instruments with returns that move in response to some underlying asset or index.

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Financial Term warehouse receipt is Written evidence of goods held in a warehouse operated by a third party. The goods may be in a public (i.e., general), private, or field warehouse. Also known as collateral receipts. The receipts may be negotiable or non-negotiable. Negotiable warehouse receipts are bearer instruments. A negotiable warehouse receipt can be sold to a buyer who then owns the inventory covered by the receipt.

Financial Term Redemption is When you sell your mutual fund shares back to the fund, you are considered to be redeeming your investment.

Financial Term Authorised limit is This represents the maximum amount of our debt at any one time during the year, under the new Prudential borrowing regime that was introduced from April 2004

Financial Term Businessbased income streams is Cash flow instruments that are paid to a business by another business or government.

Financial Term Money Market Deposit Account is A deposit account offered by banks and financial institutions directly equivalent to, and competitive with, money market mutual funds.