Deposit Account Financial Glossary

What is it? An account with a bank or building society, which pays a variable rate of interest. You may get a higher rate of interest if you choose an account which doesnt give you instant access to your money.

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Financial Term debentures is Unsecured, long-term corporate bonds. Even though debenture holders are not protected by collateral, they still have a legal right to repayment. In the event of default, debenture holders are treated like other unsecured creditors. In addition, debenture holders may benefit from indenture restrictions.

Financial Term Net asset value is The total value of an organisations assets, less its liabilities and capital charges.

Financial Term demand note is A promissory note that calls for principal to be payable on demand. In recent years, courts have significantly restricted the circumstances under which a bank could make and enforce a demand for repayment under a demand note.

Financial Term Annual Fee is Yearly charge for the use of a credit card, which is billed directly to your statement.

Financial Term dual index notes is Securities with coupon rates that are determined by the difference between two market indexes. These bonds often have a fixed coupon rate for a brief period followed by a longer period of variable rates. A type of structured note.