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What is it? Failure to meet the terms of a credit agreement.

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Financial Term Itemized Deductions is The items that may be subtracted from adjusted gross income in lieu of the standard deduction to reduce taxable income. Examples of itemized deductions include state and local tax payments, gifts to charity, and certain amounts of home mortgage interest.

Financial Term Personal Identification Number (PIN) is An account holder has a secret number or code to authorize a transaction or obtain information regarding his or her account. Often used in conjunction with a plastic card (ATM or Debit card), online account access or with a telephone voice response system.

Financial Term Payor is The person, company, or government responsible for making payments on an income stream.

Financial Term Basis Swap is A cross currency swap or interest rate swap where both legs are floating rate. Basis swaps convert the floating rate of one leg, to the floating rate of the other. Eg 3-month GBP LIBOR to 1-month AUD BBSW.

Financial Term prospectus is A document that describes the details and financial support for a new bond or stock issue offering. A prospectus is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.