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What is it? An account on which the payments have not been made according to the terms.

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Financial Term Cumulative Total Return is A measure of the total increase in the value of an investment over time, assuming dividends and capital gains distributions are reinvested (see Dividend, Capital Gain or Loss).

Financial Term DPS is Payment made to shareholders out of the profits of a company. There are 5 types of dividend interim, final, 1st quarter, 3rd quarter and special. Ex Date is the date after which buying the share after does not entitle the buyer to receive the most recently declared dividend. Payment Date is the date when the dividend is payable to shareholders on the register at the Record Date. Record Date is the date on which a shareholder must officially own shares in order to be entitled to the dividend. Dividends are expressed in pence.

Financial Term ONEU is Overweight neutral

Financial Term Act of God is An accident or event, which happens due to natural causes such as storm which no one could foresee.

Financial Term Consolidation is To refinance more than one loan into a new single loan usually to reduce payment and interest being paid.